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Pacific Poker
Pacific Poker
Play Now!
Visit Pacific Poker!
Pacific Poker Information and Review
Casino Type Poker Casinos
Our Rating 5.0/5.0 5.0/5.0
Bonus Offers Get a 25% deposit bonus of up to $50!
Casino Review

All of us here at Best Gambling Sites think that Pacific Poker is one of the best all-around online poker rooms. Pacific Poker rates highly across all of the dimensions important in an online poker room. The playing experience is fast and smooth, the betting limits are inviting to a wide range of players, the reputation and customer service are reliable, and the technical features of the software are top-notch.

The Pacific Poker playing experience is very nice, and definitely on par with other online poker rooms. The graphics aren't flashy but the game interface is easy to understand and easy on the eye (no neon overdose here). You'll generally find that all of the information you want available during a game is there when and where you want it, without having to make a bunch of extra clicks. Games move along quickly and without technical hang-ups, making for an all-around enjoyable gaming experience.

The wide range of betting limits is one of our favorite things about Pacific Poker. Whether you want to play low or high stakes, there's a table for you at Pacific Poker, and we think that's extremely important. While some other online poker rooms have tables starting at 50¢/$1, the tables at Pacific Poker start at 5¢/10¢. Stakes that size are great for both beginners and for players who simply want to have a good time without putting a lot at risk. We also think it's important to point out that even at 5¢/10¢ tables players behave much differently than they do at play money tables. That is, any real skin in the game makes people think twice, so if you want to get a taste of real money action without breaking your bank, Pacific Poker is a great place to be.

Pacific Poker is owned by the same company that operates Casino-on-Net, one of the oldest online casinos. In our minds, that adds a lot of credibility and experience to Pacific Poker, and gives us additional confidence in their reliability.

Lastly, Pacific Poker offers some unique technical features. You can get a hand history log at any time, meaning that you can look back at all of the hands you've played at any time and see where you've won and lost, how you've played, etc. This is a great feature if you're looking to hone your skills or just relive past glories. Another really neat feature at Pacific Poker is the video replay feature, through which you can actually watch past hands as if on video. This is a great way to monitor both your own play and that of your opponents.

In sum, Pacific Poker is one of our favorite online poker rooms, and we recommend it to you without hesitation.

Visit Pacific Poker!
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Top Payout Percentages
December, 2003
Casino on Net 97.74%

Top Average Payout Percentages
Casino on Net 97.92%

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