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Empire Poker
Empire Poker
Play Now!
Visit Empire Poker!
Empire Poker Information and Review
Casino Type Poker Casinos
Our Rating 5.0/5.0 5.0/5.0
Bonus Offers 20% Bonus on First Deposit, Up to $100!
Casino Review

Empire Poker is one of Best Gambling Sites' top recommendations for online poker rooms. We think it's a great place to put your poker business, and we're confident that you'll be pleased should you decide to sign up. We like Empire Poker for four main reasons. First, the player traffic at Empire Poker is the best on the web. Second, the playing experience is solid and well thought out. Third, Empire Poker offers a good selection of tournament action. Fourth, the customer service at Empire Poker is truly best in class.

Player traffic is one of Empire Poker's key assets. Empire Poker was actually formed through a partnership with Party Poker, another successful online poker room. This partnership allowed Empire Poker to grow huge player traffic almost immediately, for when you sign up to play at Empire Poker, you'll also be playing with people who've signed up at Party Poker, and vice versa. That's a huge asset, as the kind of traffic you'll find at Empire Poker guarantees that you'll find the game you're looking for at the betting level you want to play.

Empire Poker's experience doesn't leave anything on the table, either. The interfaces at Empire Poker and Party Poker are almost identical, except for a few color scheme differences. And at both sites, you'll be greeted by a smooth and intuitive playing experience. All of the controls you want are in the right place, and the screen remains uncluttered. Graphics are easy on the eye-useful but not flashy.

Tournaments are another of Empire Poker's key assets. There's literally always tournament underway there, no matter what your betting level. In our minds, tournaments are a fun and cheap (sometimes even free) way to test your skills against a wide range of players.

Lastly, Empire Poker offers the widest possible range of customer service options. You can get 24 hour support by phone, email, and chat, and we at Best Gambling Sites think that's very important. It gives us even more confidence in Empire's reliability and credibility, and comfort that any problem will be addressed quickly and conveniently.

All in all, if you're considering signing up at Empire Poker, don't hesitate. It's a great place to play, and we're confident that you'll enjoy it. Best of luck at the tables.

If you're thinking about signing up at Empire Poker, don't hesitate. Empire Poker is, simply put, one of our favorite online poker rooms here at When Empire Poker was launched, it became the biggest poker room online overnight. How? Well, Empire Poker is Party Poker, and Party Poker is Empire Poker. Confused? Don't be. Empire Poker is simply a different brand name that was created when Party Poker partnered with another company to launch a poker room under a new name. When you sign up at Empire Poker, you're essentially signing up for Party Poker, and vice versa. You'll be playing at all the same tables against players who signed up at both Empire Poker and Party Poker. And for reasons you're about to read about, that's a great thing. We recommend Empire Poker highly because the fact that it shares a platform with Party Poker makes the two a great combined force for players. The partnership has allowed them to drive great player traffic, join forces on improving player experience, offer constant tournament action, and provide the highest level of customer service.

Player traffic: Player traffic is Empire Poker's most obvious and most important asset. You can log on to Empire Poker and find over 12,000 other poker players at the tables. This is an extremely important trait in an online poker room, as that amount of players will assure you of finding the game you want at the betting level you like to play. At lower-traffic poker rooms, you can often have difficultyEmpire Poker, in combination with Party Poker, is by far and away the biggest and most popular online poker room.

Playing experience: Empire Poker offers an all-around top-notch playing experience. It strikes a nice balance between neon-happy and bare bones. All of the buttons you need are in front of you when you need them, and the interface is carefully designed and not cluttered. It's easy and straightforward to move between real money and play money games, as well as to navigate between various game types.

Tournaments: There is literally always a tournament on at Empire Poker. Along with Party Poker, Empire Poker is a great place for online tournaments, and in our opinion, online tournaments are a great way to hone your poker skills. It's often possible to find freeroll tournaments at Empire Poker, tournaments for which there's no entry fee. Tournaments are an excellent way to see how you stack up against a wide range of players, and Empire Poker is the place for online tournaments.

Customer Service: Empire Poker offers the best range of customer service options in the business. You can get phone, email, or chat access to Empire Poker representative 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In our experience, Empire Poker agents have been responsive and very helpful. Empire Poker is one of the few poker rooms that offers phone and electronic service access, and this range of option gives us an additional measure of security when we play with Empire Poker.

In summary, if you're considering signing up for Empire Poker, you won't regret it if you decide to do so. With the highest player traffic online, a top-notch playing experience, a wide selection of tournaments, and superb customer service, you can't go wrong with Empire Poker. Best of luck at the tables.

Visit Empire Poker!
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Empire Poker - Visit Now!
Empire Poker
The busiest poker room on the web, with over 12,000 active players
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Casino on Net
One of the web's oldest, most respected casinos
Pacific Poker - Visit Now!
Pacific Poker
An excellent poker room offering a top-notch playing experience

Top Payout Percentages
December, 2003
Casino on Net 97.74%

Top Average Payout Percentages
Casino on Net 97.92%

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